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STRAM Inc. is an agency where creatively driven thinkers, in collaboration with the client, will bring their visions to life. We guarantee authentic, unique, and results-oriented work from start to finish.

Concept development is defined as the progression of a germ of idea into an appropriate and innovative body of work. A good concept design considers feasibility and effectiveness, hearing both opinions between the agency and the client. In developing a concept, it is very important to review specific strategies to be used, practicality of the concept, time for preparation prior to the date, and the allotted budget for the project. Here at STRAM, Inc. we assure that the needs and wants of the client will always be our number one priority.

Being one of the pioneer events, marketing and public relations agencies in the country, STRAM, Inc. has been and always will keep an eye for the current trends to cater the needs of our fast-paced industry. Also, we can create and develop concepts according to your specified target markets (geographic, demographic, psychographic or behavioral segmentations) and we will connect you to a broad network of different media outlets to help you achieve your goals.