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STRAM, Inc. also spearheads in providing PR and Marketing. Being a nestling ground of influential writers and creative thinkers, STRAM, Inc. is able to voice out your company’s target mission and connect you to a broad network of innovators in the different media avenues. Our PR and Marketing Services include:  

·         Media Launchings

·         Media Relations and Public Affairs

·         Press Briefings

·         Creative Content Development

For 25 years in the business, STRAM, Inc. has established solid connections and excellent relations to the country’s leading communication institutions and media organizations. Considering what you and the public needs, STRAM, Inc. focuses not only in helping  you to attain your business growth and brand objectives, but also our team magnifies what would benefit and what would matter to the public opinion.  

With the advent of technologies and emerging innovations, people change ways to seek information about their trusted products and services. In line with this, STRAM, Inc.’s strategic directions and publicity campaigns aligns with the 21st century breakthroughs in communication by harnessing the latest trends in today's technologies and new media. Let's talk about your upcoming project? :)