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STRAM Inc. launches Food City: A Journey Through Quezon City's Food Icons with Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte

Monday, January 14, 2019


Food City: A Journey Through Quezon City's Food Icons is a brainchild of Office of the Vice Mayor Hon. Josefina G. Belmonte, and STRAM Inc., a member of the Quezon City Tourism Council, a non-profit organization of hotel, restaurants, academic institutions, malls, and entertainment centers, mandated to promote QC as a tourism destination through various city-wide events and activities.

STRAM Inc. has been holding a city-wide culinary event called QC-NA:, a pun-intended for kusina. Every year, QCNA conducts different cooking competitions, bar and flair exhibitions, and a trade fair which champions local food selections and artisan goods made by QC-based enterprises.

In a segment of QCNA called Tourism and Culinary Movers and Shakers, exceptional players of tourism and trendsetters in culinary are recognized of their efforts to innovate and set new trends in their particular spheres of influence. This recognition is largely predicated on encouraging the F&B and tourism industry to persist on striving for excellent ideas and strategic innovations.

With this book, we hope to immortalize establishments we have recognized over the years and share their humble beginnings and success stories. About thirty establishments are listed in the book, additionally, we also would like to give recognition to establishments who have reached beyond a decade and have successfully branched out both locally and internationally from Quezon City.

Food City: A Journey Through Quezon City's Food Icons is authored by veteran food writer and columnist at Philippine Daily Inquirer, Michaela Fenix.